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From New Noise 9/1/16
By: Matt Hutchinson

Information available in regards to the South American punk scene is few and far between, aside from a few online periodicals and Maximum Rock and Roll podcasts giving a glimpse of the activity. There are a handful of labels who are releasing groups from the area here in the US to showcase their talents and the anger that accompanies it.

Spaghetty Town Records brings forth one of the better kept secrets of the South American punk scene with Uruguayan stalwarts Motosierra making their US label debut in the form of a 7” EP entitled Buzo Nuevo/La Marcos. These guys have been releasing records and antagonizing the South American and European lands since 1999 with relentless touring across both continents, only to break up a few years back and reform this past year after reacquiring the fire to do so and this 7″ is testament to that.

“Buzo Nuevo” and “La Marcos” are two tracks that blend the chaotic frenzy of traditional punk rock with straight up rock groove. Think of Valient Thorr doing their take on a Casualties song, sums it up! Side A (“Buzo Nuevo”) brings forth the later description as the guys showcase an aggro boogie rhythm along with the high octane vocal stylings of lead singer Marcos Motosierra. Side B (“La Marcos”) whips up traditional punk rock fury in a three chord attack.

If these guys have this much energy and explosion packed into a 7″ record, it would be safe to bet their live shows must be a hell of an experience. It is a double take to learn these guys have played for nearly twenty years together and are still able to deliver this type of passion and intensity, inspiring and every reason to keep doing it.

Montevideo , Uruguay 


Current Members
Marcos Motosierra
Walo Crespo
Leo Bianco


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